About Ian

facebook1My first  bike trip was from Israel to France on an old single speed  bike that I salvaged from various skips.  It was a great and memorable trip but gave me very strong views about single speeds!  Since then I’ve made many bike journeys, some solo, most with friends or family – all of them involving travelling through some wonderful places which a bike enables you to experience in a very different way.

I often seem to be drawn to  point to point journeys –  I think it’s  weaving together a route from the lines on the map and sorting the logistics that add to the experience of the ride itself, plus the challenge of making it  in time for the flight or the ferry!

The idea for this website came when I was talking to friends about some recent bike trips. I promised to send them information but it took me ages to find all the difference sources of information I’d used, so I thought a website would be a good way to organize all the various stuff I’ve found useful over the last few years – websites, travel details, maps, blogs plus my photographs of the trips.